Compete With Sonkran, Riau Will Have Water War Festive At Meranti

Thailand have famous Songkran Festive. Want to compete, Riau will have held the similar festive. This Water War Festive in Meranti have been held to celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year. This attractive attraction in Riau is planned will held in Selatpanjang city, Meranti island, Riau at Saturday, 28 January 2016.

The Acting Head of Tourism, Youth and Sports for Meranti Island, Ismail Arsyad have explained that the event is planned will opened directly by Governor of Riau Province, Ir. Asryadjuliandi Rachman together with the representative from Ministry of Tourism.

“This water war have known as Cian Cui is held to celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year in Selatpanjang City. This festive have been including and listed into Calendar of Event Riau 2017,” said Ismail.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have obliged all province in Indonesia have akun sbobet submitted their Calender of Events 2017 since the National Coordination Meeting in Hotel Sultan, Jakarta in the end of 2016.

According to Ismail, this event will attended by foreign and domestic tourist to celebrate this exciting event. Tourist will playing the water with water gun while travel around the city using motorcab.

“Every preparation have been done and in perfect condition. I want to say thank you for every part especially from Ministry of Tourism which have confirm this event because we have need the attending the team from Ministry of Tourism for documented this event from start till the end,” said Ismail.

Water war tradition in Selatpanjang have from years to years have become the bring attention from tourist in around the world. Every year, thousands of Tionghoa people from many countries starting from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Austraia and China have get together in Selatpanjang city.

They have spend a lot of time to follow the unique tradition agen sbobet which only can be found in Meranti Island Regency, the youngest regency in Riau Province.

Thailand Tourism Is The Number One In ASEAN, Indonesia Have Keep To Follow

Comparing to other ASEAN Countries, Thailand have become the number one in tourism growth for 2016. From data which release by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism base one the data from ministry and tourism instance from other countries, Thailand have leading from other ASEAN countries with growth about 11,3 percents for this year.

“Malaysia become our emotional competitor but our real professional competitor is Thailand,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya. Arief have reveal the comparison data for abroad tourists who visiting between Thailand and Indonesia from period of January till October 2016.

In this period, there are 9.403.614 abroad tourists who have visit to Indonesia. While Thailand on similar period have received 27.079.308 visits from abroad tourists. Totally, the growth of Indonesia tourism industry for those period is about 9,5 percents when Thailand have reach 11,3 percents.
Thailand Tourism Is The Number One In ASEAN, Indonesia Have Keep To Follow
“Thailand almost reach 30 millions tourists. From foreign exchange, Thailand have receive US$ 42 billions. The income from the tourism have contribute about 22 percents in Thailand GDP or Gross Domestic Product. If it can represent, Bali have represent Indonesia then Thailand have represent whole South East Asia,” said Arief.

According to Arief, the growth of Indonesia tourism have good enough and have right tracks because the growth of global tourism is not 4,4 percents when the regional growth is only reach 5,1 percents.

The neighbor country, Malaysia in period from January to August 2016 have only growth for 3,8 percents with total abroad tourists visit reach 17.611.563. While Singapore have growth about 9,4 percents from period January to September 2016 with total abroad tourists reach 12.423.952. In 2017, Indonesia Ministry of Tourism have targeted the visit about 15 millions abroad tourists.