Sunset In Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat

The name of Mansuar Island could be unfamiliar for many traveler. Even though, the island which located in Raja Ampat have very beautiful and amazing sunset scenery. Mansuar Island is one of destination island in Raja Ampat. In this island, there are few diving spot, snorkeling and there is also have hidden natural wonder which is sand signage.

In Mansuar Island there is also located few homestay and resort. One of the most famous is Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. However, the most special in this island is on its natural scenery especially for the moment with sunset. For traveler who want to witness this beautiful sunset scenery, they can need time about an hour from Waisai to arrive this island.
Sunset In Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat
The perfect moment for visiting the Mansuar Island is about 17.00 East Indonesia Time because at 17.30 East Indonesia Time the sun have starting for set. While waiting for the sunset, travelers can sit at coastline. Some travelers have spend the time with sitting on the white sand in Mansuar Island beach.

The sand in Mansuar Island is quite soft like flour. The pile of sands are tender when footed so it is make traveler are safe for walking without slippers. However, travelers should be careful because there sometime found a piece of clamshell which can wound the foot.

Meanwhile with more time to spend, travelers can use the time for setting or prepare their camera and getting the perfect spot for enjoy the beautiful scenery. The sunset scenery in Mansuar Island is very amazing. The sunset could be the ordinary thing for some people but when location in on Raja Ampat is very different. This sunset in Mansuar Island can be the only one experience in lifetime.