The Most Polluted Destination In The World, One Of Them In Indonesia

Dailymail just have released the report about the country tourism destination which most polluted in the world. Indonesia have been listed in the that negative list.

“Indonesia Capital City, Jakarta, kids have scavenging in midden every day,” write Dailymail. In that report, Dailymail have published photo which shown two kids in Jakarta have scavenge the trash with the waters of Mentawai island which polluted with trash.

Beside Indonesia, other country have be highlighted due to trash and polluted problem like India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brazil, China, even United State have been listed.

In India, Dailymail have shown the famous and sacred river for Hinduism, Gangga River which one of the country top destinations have been polluted from industry waste to animal carcasses. The next is Hawaii’s Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge which filled with plastic trash, net for fishing and rope waste. Tuvalu in Polinesia Islands have also highlighted because plastic trash and styrofoam issues.

Brazil and Cambodia have been described with their slums area which full with trash. When, our neighbor country, Malaysia have bee highlighted for the trash and garbage in Sandakan Beach. Besdie that, the city which including into the heavy environment damage is China capital city, Beijing because that city is covered by thick smoke for all days due to the factory operation and vehicle.

Those critical pollution have made people must use protection mask when get outside their home. This mask have become the habit of life in this city.

Let’s Visiting These Destinations using Transjakarta Vintage Series

Vintage Series buses from Transjakarta have been presented as the transportation choices in capital. This Transjakarta series buses have using PPD design have used for bring past memory and nostalgia like when vacation in weekend.

The Director of PT Transjakarta, Budi Kaliwono have said that in the beginning, there are two Transjakarta Vintage Series buses will serve Jakarta’s People. This old style buses can be found in First Corridor, Fifth Corridor and Sixth Corridor.

The first corridor have route from Blok M to Jakarta Kota, Fifth Corridor have route from Ancol to Kampung Melayu and Sixth Corridor have route from Ragunan to Dukuh Atas 2. By getting those route, we van visiting the destinations in Jakarta by using these Transjakarta’s Vintage Series buses.
These are few destinations can be visited by using Transjakarta’s Vintage Series buses,

  1. Strong>Blok M Area (First Corridor)
    For people who live at Central Jakarta, West and South, you could visited Blok M Area. This Blok M Area is the shopping center which providing clothes, pants, shoes, hats, foods, books and many more.

    We can have shopping travel in Blok M Area. This Transjakarta’s Vintage Series Bus stop point for Blok M Area is exactly at Blok M Terminal.

  2. Senaywa (First Corridor)
    For going to Senayan Area, you can get off the bus at Gelora Bung Karno bus station. In this area, we can have some training like jogging in the Senayan Stadion Area. Near the Senayan, there are few shopping center and mall like Plaza Senayan, FX Sudirman, Senayan City and Pasific Place Jakarta.
  3. National Monument (First Corridor)
    on the first corridor, don’t miss for visiting Jakarta icon which is National Monument. For reaching this monument, we can stop at National Monument bus station. In National Monument, we can enjoy various culinary at Lenggang Jakarta or spending time by walking or sitting around National Monument beside that if you can to see Jakarta from high, you can get to the top of the National Monument.
  4. Indonesia National Museum (First Corridor)
    Beside National Monument, we also can visit Indonesia National Museum by getting on the first corridor. For reach the museum which also known as Elephant Museum, we can stop at National Monument bus stop and have walking for about 15 minutes.
  5. Dreamland Jaya Ancol Park (Fifth Corridor)
    For the user of fifth corridor, you can visit Dreamland Jaya Ancol Park. The Transjakarta buses will have departed from Kampung Melayu Terminal towards the inside of Ancol complex.
  6. China Town Area (First Corridor)
    China Town area can reach by get stop in the Transjakarta bus station at Glodok. In this area, we can find the old Chinese building architecture along with various culinary especially the Chinese culinary
  7. Old City Area
    The old city destinations have been listed as one of destination must visited beside National Monument. In this area, we can visit a lot of objects like Mandiri Bank Museum, Puppet Museum, Jakarta Historical Museum, Ceramic Museum and the last is the Old City pedestrian crossing tunnel.