Three Place You Should Visit If Have Traveled To Dubai

Travel to Dubai is mean can enjoy the skyscrapers and the greatness of metropolis city. A half of the high building in this city have come in many category like tallest building and hotel. The first tallest skyscraper in Emirate Arab Union. Then there are tallest rounded building.

In the tour package for tourist who like to visit Dubai, the tour guide will offered two package which is the Old City and New City. According to its name, Old City is offer the destination for the place which shown Dubai city history and culture.

Different with Old City, the New City will bring tourist to Dubai in modern face. The place will be visited is dominated by skyscrapers. There are few skyscrapers you should visit when have travel to Dubai.
1. Dubai Marina
Marina is the place when the rich man in Dubai have parking their yacht. There are reasonable if the marina have surrounded by skyscrapers. From this area, tourist can see the yacht have been parked by its owner with accompany by scenery from skyscrapers.

One of the most interested building in this area is twisted building. This twisted building it the tallest twisted building in Emirate Arab union and have place at third place as tallest twisted building in the world.

The other place in this marina is Dubai Marina Walk. This place is the place for tourist can have walking around for enjoying the scenery. Along the road on the Marina Walk, there would be stand which have sell some foods or coffee. The stands can be great place for hang out after we have tired for walking.

2. Burj Al Arab
This is one of most iconic building in Dubai and have become the destination must be visited when have traveled to Dubai. Don’t be confuse if this building are one of most luxurious hotel in Dubai. Tourist can take photo with the Burj Al Arab as the background. The place for best result in taking photo with Burj Al Arab as the background is Jumeirah Beach. The beach is the most perfect place. The government have provided the special place for take photo with Burj Al Arab as the background.

After take a photo, tourist can directly swim in the beach which directly face to sea of Arab Gulf. The other choice for take photo with Burj Al Arab as the background is Madinat Jumeriah the Arabian Resort.

3.Palm Jumeirah
This is the area of artificial island which formed like palm tree. When entering the Palm Jumeirah area there would be found villas, hotels and resorts which take place at both side of right and left from the palm.

In the middle of the island, tourist can ride monorail which divide the island. There could be described the monorail route is from the top of the palm to the root of the tree. From this monorail, tourist can enjoy the sea, beach and building panorama in Palm Jumeirah.

Beside that three place, there are Dubai Mall which one of largest mall in the world and also the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. If you like to hangout then don’t miss to visit Box Park which filled with restaurant in building like container. The other choice which have become hits right now is City Walk