Jokowi Wax Sculpture In Madame Tussauds Hongkong Will Launch This Year

This year, tourists who visiting Hongkong will be able to get photo with Indonesia President, Joko Widodo. This is not selfie witht he President but only with his wax sculpture which have been displayed at Madame Tussauds Museum in Hongkong.

“According to the plan, the sculpture will launch at the second quarter of 2017,” said Regional Director Southeast Asia Hongkong Tourism Board, Simon Wong.

Simon Wong optimistic that the sculpture from the number one person in Indonesia will increase the visit of Indonesia Tourist to Hongkong. “We can see in Jakarta, in Indoneisa, people like to get photo with President. But if you don’t ever get photo with President, then you can get the photo when visiting Hongkong, not with the real one but with the sculpture in Madame Tussauds Hongkong.
Jokowi Wax Sculpture In Madame Tussauds Hongkong Will Launch This Year
When asked is Madame Tussauds Hongkong would to add the collection for Indonesia figure, Simon have answered that currently they don’t have any plan to add their wax sculpture collection. Even so, he continue that President Joko Widodo have become very popular person before their decided to make his sculpture.

“I think, President is very quite popular. We want people know there are sculpture of President Jokowi in Madame Tussauds Hongkong,” said Wong. The figure of Jokowi have been selected to be new collection of wax sculpture in Madame Tussauds because he have gain highest score from polling which held by Madame Tussauds Museum. Beside President Joko Widodo, there are also have other figure which selected by visitor to be made the sculpture like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Madame Tussauds Museum team have held some research after the name of President Jokowi appear in the top of the polling. From that research, the team have concluded that Jokowi is the figure which very fit and proper to be created his wax sculpture because have been view as iconic figure in the world right now.

What Is Difference Between Suite And Standard Room In Hotel

Generally, suite room is the type of room which offered the most complete and luxury facility from all the room in one hotel. The differentiate on the price can be categorize very high which made suite room very difference. So, the question are what the different between suite and other hotel rooms?

“Generally the differentiate between suite is the wide of the room, facility and the benefit,” said Director of Communication from Mulia Senayan Hotel at Jakarta, Romy Herlambang. Commonly the suite have wider bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom amenities is also more complete than other room, coffeemaker and facility like living room. This difference have been delivered by Assistant Director of Marketing & Communication Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta, Wike Trisnandhini. The bathroom amenities have including soap and shampoo.

“For certain level there are suite which have executive lounge, the difference and personal check-in and check-out location. The guest for suite room generally are not check-in like general guest, they will waiting in the sofa when serve by our staffs especially for guest who have spend long trip and exhausted,” said Wike.

After Check-in, the guest from the suite will have the wider room. Suite class is the class above the junior suite which have its own and different living room. “Inside the suite there are amenities which come from luxury brands. The bath tub have separate from the shower and the shape is also different. There are semi-circle, there are semi jacuzzi. The guest is also can request for coffeemaker machine if the guest want to make the coffee in the morning by themselves,” said Wike.

When Romy have said that the guests from suite room have also the chance to enjoy their breakfast in different place. “Our suite room guests have different place which we call as express line if their want to have breakfast or eat in the cafe. They are in the top priority,” said Romy.

The other facility is the pick up from and to airport, meeting room facility and butler service is offered to the guests from suite room. With those facility, there are very logic if the price would be more expensive than standard room.

“There difference in price could be about 50 percents till 100 percents even more. As the example in Gran Melia, Jakarta the Deluxe room is only US$ 170 but for the Presidential Suite it could cost more thant US$ 2000,” said Wike.

Compete With Sonkran, Riau Will Have Water War Festive At Meranti

Thailand have famous Songkran Festive. Want to compete, Riau will have held the similar festive. This Water War Festive in Meranti have been held to celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year. This attractive attraction in Riau is planned will held in Selatpanjang city, Meranti island, Riau at Saturday, 28 January 2016.

The Acting Head of Tourism, Youth and Sports for Meranti Island, Ismail Arsyad have explained that the event is planned will opened directly by Governor of Riau Province, Ir. Asryadjuliandi Rachman together with the representative from Ministry of Tourism.

“This water war have known as Cian Cui is held to celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year in Selatpanjang City. This festive have been including and listed into Calendar of Event Riau 2017,” said Ismail.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have obliged all province in Indonesia have akun sbobet submitted their Calender of Events 2017 since the National Coordination Meeting in Hotel Sultan, Jakarta in the end of 2016.

According to Ismail, this event will attended by foreign and domestic tourist to celebrate this exciting event. Tourist will playing the water with water gun while travel around the city using motorcab.

“Every preparation have been done and in perfect condition. I want to say thank you for every part especially from Ministry of Tourism which have confirm this event because we have need the attending the team from Ministry of Tourism for documented this event from start till the end,” said Ismail.

Water war tradition in Selatpanjang have from years to years have become the bring attention from tourist in around the world. Every year, thousands of Tionghoa people from many countries starting from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Austraia and China have get together in Selatpanjang city.

They have spend a lot of time to follow the unique tradition agen sbobet which only can be found in Meranti Island Regency, the youngest regency in Riau Province.

The Most Polluted Destination In The World, One Of Them In Indonesia

Dailymail just have released the report about the country tourism destination which most polluted in the world. Indonesia have been listed in the that negative list.

“Indonesia Capital City, Jakarta, kids have scavenging in midden every day,” write Dailymail. In that report, Dailymail have published photo which shown two kids in Jakarta have scavenge the trash with the waters of Mentawai island which polluted with trash.

Beside Indonesia, other country have be highlighted due to trash and polluted problem like India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brazil, China, even United State have been listed.

In India, Dailymail have shown the famous and sacred river for Hinduism, Gangga River which one of the country top destinations have been polluted from industry waste to animal carcasses. The next is Hawaii’s Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge which filled with plastic trash, net for fishing and rope waste. Tuvalu in Polinesia Islands have also highlighted because plastic trash and styrofoam issues.

Brazil and Cambodia have been described with their slums area which full with trash. When, our neighbor country, Malaysia have bee highlighted for the trash and garbage in Sandakan Beach. Besdie that, the city which including into the heavy environment damage is China capital city, Beijing because that city is covered by thick smoke for all days due to the factory operation and vehicle.

Those critical pollution have made people must use protection mask when get outside their home. This mask have become the habit of life in this city.

Thailand Tourism Is The Number One In ASEAN, Indonesia Have Keep To Follow

Comparing to other ASEAN Countries, Thailand have become the number one in tourism growth for 2016. From data which release by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism base one the data from ministry and tourism instance from other countries, Thailand have leading from other ASEAN countries with growth about 11,3 percents for this year.

“Malaysia become our emotional competitor but our real professional competitor is Thailand,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya. Arief have reveal the comparison data for abroad tourists who visiting between Thailand and Indonesia from period of January till October 2016.

In this period, there are 9.403.614 abroad tourists who have visit to Indonesia. While Thailand on similar period have received 27.079.308 visits from abroad tourists. Totally, the growth of Indonesia tourism industry for those period is about 9,5 percents when Thailand have reach 11,3 percents.
Thailand Tourism Is The Number One In ASEAN, Indonesia Have Keep To Follow
“Thailand almost reach 30 millions tourists. From foreign exchange, Thailand have receive US$ 42 billions. The income from the tourism have contribute about 22 percents in Thailand GDP or Gross Domestic Product. If it can represent, Bali have represent Indonesia then Thailand have represent whole South East Asia,” said Arief.

According to Arief, the growth of Indonesia tourism have good enough and have right tracks because the growth of global tourism is not 4,4 percents when the regional growth is only reach 5,1 percents.

The neighbor country, Malaysia in period from January to August 2016 have only growth for 3,8 percents with total abroad tourists visit reach 17.611.563. While Singapore have growth about 9,4 percents from period January to September 2016 with total abroad tourists reach 12.423.952. In 2017, Indonesia Ministry of Tourism have targeted the visit about 15 millions abroad tourists.

South Korea Have Been Flooded With Indonesia Tourist

Every year, the tourist from Indonesia who visiting South Korea have increase continuously. To be faced with this trend, South Korea have more focus to give special attention for tourist from Indonesia.

From the release for Korea Tourism Organization or KTO, the tourist from Indonesia who have visited South Korea have increase. The comparison between 2015 and 2016 have shown the number have increase 50 percents.

“Comparing with last year, the tourist from Indonesia have predicted will increase significantly about 50 percents,” said Director of KTO Jakarta, OH Hyonjae. If at last year, the tourist from Indonesia who have visited South Korea is 198.000 tourists then this year is predicted will reach about 290-300 thousand tourists. So from that, South Korea have put special attention to the tourist from Indonesia as the top ten tourist market for South Korea Tourism.

“The Indonesia tourist market have become the large market for South Korea. Indonesia have stand at eight or ninth place in South Korea top list and there logic if South Korea government not look easy on it,” state Oh Hyonjae.

According the data from KTO, the visit of Indonesia tourist to South Korea majority is the incentive tourism visit which is the trip which sponsored by the company which like to give their employee bonus, not bonus in cash but bonus in trip incentive.

Let’s Visiting These Destinations using Transjakarta Vintage Series

Vintage Series buses from Transjakarta have been presented as the transportation choices in capital. This Transjakarta series buses have using PPD design have used for bring past memory and nostalgia like when vacation in weekend.

The Director of PT Transjakarta, Budi Kaliwono have said that in the beginning, there are two Transjakarta Vintage Series buses will serve Jakarta’s People. This old style buses can be found in First Corridor, Fifth Corridor and Sixth Corridor.

The first corridor have route from Blok M to Jakarta Kota, Fifth Corridor have route from Ancol to Kampung Melayu and Sixth Corridor have route from Ragunan to Dukuh Atas 2. By getting those route, we van visiting the destinations in Jakarta by using these Transjakarta’s Vintage Series buses.
These are few destinations can be visited by using Transjakarta’s Vintage Series buses,

  1. Strong>Blok M Area (First Corridor)
    For people who live at Central Jakarta, West and South, you could visited Blok M Area. This Blok M Area is the shopping center which providing clothes, pants, shoes, hats, foods, books and many more.

    We can have shopping travel in Blok M Area. This Transjakarta’s Vintage Series Bus stop point for Blok M Area is exactly at Blok M Terminal.

  2. Senaywa (First Corridor)
    For going to Senayan Area, you can get off the bus at Gelora Bung Karno bus station. In this area, we can have some training like jogging in the Senayan Stadion Area. Near the Senayan, there are few shopping center and mall like Plaza Senayan, FX Sudirman, Senayan City and Pasific Place Jakarta.
  3. National Monument (First Corridor)
    on the first corridor, don’t miss for visiting Jakarta icon which is National Monument. For reaching this monument, we can stop at National Monument bus station. In National Monument, we can enjoy various culinary at Lenggang Jakarta or spending time by walking or sitting around National Monument beside that if you can to see Jakarta from high, you can get to the top of the National Monument.
  4. Indonesia National Museum (First Corridor)
    Beside National Monument, we also can visit Indonesia National Museum by getting on the first corridor. For reach the museum which also known as Elephant Museum, we can stop at National Monument bus stop and have walking for about 15 minutes.
  5. Dreamland Jaya Ancol Park (Fifth Corridor)
    For the user of fifth corridor, you can visit Dreamland Jaya Ancol Park. The Transjakarta buses will have departed from Kampung Melayu Terminal towards the inside of Ancol complex.
  6. China Town Area (First Corridor)
    China Town area can reach by get stop in the Transjakarta bus station at Glodok. In this area, we can find the old Chinese building architecture along with various culinary especially the Chinese culinary
  7. Old City Area
    The old city destinations have been listed as one of destination must visited beside National Monument. In this area, we can visit a lot of objects like Mandiri Bank Museum, Puppet Museum, Jakarta Historical Museum, Ceramic Museum and the last is the Old City pedestrian crossing tunnel.

Three Place You Should Visit If Have Traveled To Dubai

Travel to Dubai is mean can enjoy the skyscrapers and the greatness of metropolis city. A half of the high building in this city have come in many category like tallest building and hotel. The first tallest skyscraper in Emirate Arab Union. Then there are tallest rounded building.

In the tour package for tourist who like to visit Dubai, the tour guide will offered two package which is the Old City and New City. According to its name, Old City is offer the destination for the place which shown Dubai city history and culture.

Different with Old City, the New City will bring tourist to Dubai in modern face. The place will be visited is dominated by skyscrapers. There are few skyscrapers you should visit when have travel to Dubai.
1. Dubai Marina
Marina is the place when the rich man in Dubai have parking their yacht. There are reasonable if the marina have surrounded by skyscrapers. From this area, tourist can see the yacht have been parked by its owner with accompany by scenery from skyscrapers.

One of the most interested building in this area is twisted building. This twisted building it the tallest twisted building in Emirate Arab union and have place at third place as tallest twisted building in the world.

The other place in this marina is Dubai Marina Walk. This place is the place for tourist can have walking around for enjoying the scenery. Along the road on the Marina Walk, there would be stand which have sell some foods or coffee. The stands can be great place for hang out after we have tired for walking.

2. Burj Al Arab
This is one of most iconic building in Dubai and have become the destination must be visited when have traveled to Dubai. Don’t be confuse if this building are one of most luxurious hotel in Dubai. Tourist can take photo with the Burj Al Arab as the background. The place for best result in taking photo with Burj Al Arab as the background is Jumeirah Beach. The beach is the most perfect place. The government have provided the special place for take photo with Burj Al Arab as the background.

After take a photo, tourist can directly swim in the beach which directly face to sea of Arab Gulf. The other choice for take photo with Burj Al Arab as the background is Madinat Jumeriah the Arabian Resort.

3.Palm Jumeirah
This is the area of artificial island which formed like palm tree. When entering the Palm Jumeirah area there would be found villas, hotels and resorts which take place at both side of right and left from the palm.

In the middle of the island, tourist can ride monorail which divide the island. There could be described the monorail route is from the top of the palm to the root of the tree. From this monorail, tourist can enjoy the sea, beach and building panorama in Palm Jumeirah.

Beside that three place, there are Dubai Mall which one of largest mall in the world and also the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. If you like to hangout then don’t miss to visit Box Park which filled with restaurant in building like container. The other choice which have become hits right now is City Walk

Serravalle, The Heaven For Cheap Branded Items In Milan

Become one of iconic fashion city in world have become the face from Milan, Italy. As one of largest city in Sicily have become the main destination for tourist because offering the beauty and exoticism from the building, history, rich taste food and a ton of world class branded fashion.

Talking for fashion brand, there are a lot for first class designer born in Italy. There are various collection daftar togel with exceptional prize. There are not few tourists have wish to have the fashion collection from this famous branded but they should be patient.

But in fact that, there are alternate solution for this problem. This solution would not work absolutely for all people because it is depend on financial condition. However, at least there still a hope for having branded fashion directly from Italy.
The answer is Serravalle Designer Premium Outlet which located about an hour trip from Milan city or about 30 minutes from Genoa. Similar with its name, this place togel Singapura have using concept like factory outlet concepts in Indonesia. The difference is Serravalle is not only one store or outlet but consisting a lot of outlets.

Every outlet have manage directly by the brand owner, not as the outlet for sell the remain product for the export. The most special thing from this place is the fashion product in this location have been sell with special price.

There are discount price from 30 percents to 50 percents. There still have additional discount for item which want to wash out or only remain one choice only. For the fashion brand, we should not questioned it anymore because there are more than 80 famous brands around the world which open togel Hongkong the outlet at this location. The brand starting from fashion brand till sport brand like Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Jack Wolfskin and Camper can be found in his place.

For boutique class, there are available brand like Prada, Michael Kors, Burberry, Gucci, and Versace. For the information, the items or products in this place is not rejected or manufacturing defect like the reason from Indonesia Factory Outlet used.

The reason why the products can be sold in more affordable price because Italy have follow 4 seasons which will release new collection every season so the unsold products would be send to these outlets.

The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, New Gems In Kuta, Bali

Near with airport, shopping center and entertainment area have make the resort at Tuban area become the favorite place for tourist to stay if travel to bali. From all the resorts, The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali have become the main choice for stay in Deva Islands.

The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali have build in the area about 3.17 hectare which locate at Kartika Plaza Road. The location situs poker have been used by Santika Premiere Beach Resort previously, but now have become The Anvaya Beach Resorts who still in The Santika Indonesia Hotel and Resorts chains.

The name of Anvaya have come from the Sanskrit which mean connection or relation. That name become the basic concept from The Anvaya Beach Resorts which mean relation between human, culture, nature and spiritual.
The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, New Gems In Kuta, Bali
This concept have been looks clear through the room decoration from The Anvaya. The way of The Anvaya seve the food till the service have showed the concepts. The reflection from three different age of Bali which is Bali Aga or Beginning Bali, Hindu Dharma Bali and Bali Modern have bee offered in every element of the hotel.

At Bali Aga or Bali beginning which noted as the era when Bali local people still not introduce with Hinduism and Buddhism will be shown through the decoration with Bali original crafts with ground color in Kunyit Restaurant, meeting room and 160 deluxe type rooms.

The next is Hindu Dharma era which known as Majapahit era will find in the decoration of 302 premier rooms, 8 deluxe suite rooms and 6 premier suite rooms. The combination from modern and traditional concept would be sensed in Hindu Dharma Bali decoration.

The last is Bali Modern which offered the today Bali decoration through the room decoration poker which filled with glass and have minimalist style in Sands Restaurant, 10 villas and wine cellar.

For the facility, The Anvaya Beach Resorts have 496 rooms with different 7 type of rooms starting from deluxe, premier, deluxe suites, premier suites, Anvaya suites, beach front private suites and The Anvaya villas.

Each room have featured with 40 inch LCD TV with 90 national and international channel, minibar, safe deposit box, tea and coffee maker, WiFi, amenity, laundry and dry cleaning service. Inside the hotel there also have 4 swimming pools, 2 restaurant which is Kunyit and Sands, Sakanti Spa, Kids Club, grand ballroom with capacity reach about 1.000 persons, nine meeting rooms which each the room have capacity for 200 persons and two wine cellar.

However, the most interesting agen poker fact from The Anvaya is the location which located in shoreline of Kuta Beach. The scenery of sun set is looks very clear from beach and only need two minutes from hotel rooms.

The access to shopping center like Lippo Mall Kuta and Discovery Shopping Mall is also can been reached through walking. In front of The Anvaya Beach Resorts is the crowd center which never sleep. Even through, the privation and calmness would be get when stay in this resort.