The Shortest Flight In The World, Only 8 Minutes

Austrian airlines have have recorded to finish the shortest international flight in the world in Wednesday. The time spend by this flight is only 8 minutes. Quoted from Travel+Leisure, Austrian People’s Air Group have start that historical flight from St. Gallen-Alternhein, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, German.
The Shortest Flight In The World, Only 8 Minutes
The eight minutes record have break the previous flight record which recorded by flight from Wina to Bratislava, Slovakia with only spending for 10 minutes. This flight between Switzerland to German is schedule to have fly twice per day.

The ticket for this flight is about 40 euro or about Rp 584.000 for once travel. The route is about 20 kilometers. Beside the plane, there are alternative transportation for both the city like driving a car for about an hour by across the Constance Lake. There is also available the train which spend about two hours.

“This Stopover will give everyone benefits both of tourists or commuters who work at both of side the lake,” said Danel Steffen the CEO of Austrian People’s Air Group. However, the flight is also give controversy. According to local news, that the fuel for the plane which serve the route have been presume unworthy for that flight

In Ngurtafur Beach, We Can Walk For 2 KM Into High Seas

Traveler who planing to vising Southeast Maluku should visit Ngurtafur Beach. Beside its beauty scenery, Ngurtafur Beach is also have floating island like at Raja Ampat which lengthwise into high seas.

The phenomenon of floating island can be saw when the sea recede in few area in Indonesia and one of that is locate in Ngurtafur Beach. But not only floating island phenomenon, The Ngurtafur Beach have and floating island which lengthwise for 2 KM into high seas.
In Ngurtafur Beach, We Can Walk For 2 KM Into High Seas
For this uniqueness, there are many traveler who have visit the beach have getting to walk into the sand signage into the end of the floating island. The end of the island would become the sea when the tide is up and it would become great experience because we have looks like standing in the middle of the sea. The Ngurtafur Beach can be categorize as clean beach because as far as our eyes can see, there is only white sand with clear water.

This floating island is not have straight length but have curves like white snake due to the island sand have white color. With its curve, the floating island have become more beautiful. If traveler are lucky they can saw the group of pelicans which have migrate and looking for foods.

The location of Ngurtafur have located in Warbal Island which part of Kei Archipelago in Southeast Maluku. From Jakarta, there is require decent time to reach it. Due to that, Ngurtafur Island could be categorize as anti mainstream destination.

After knowing the uniqueness of the Ngurtafur Beach, how to reach Ngurtafur Beach? For reach this spot, traveler should be flight first to Ambon before continue the trip into Tual and Ngurtafur Beach. From Tual, traveler must spend about 1 to 1,5 hours with boats to reach Ngurtafur Beach.

Gulf Scenery And Comodo Dragon, The New Attractions In Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo in West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, is one of top priority destination from government which targeted to be developed. Until 2019, government have targeted the 20 millions tourist visiting to Indonesia.

The data from Center Statistic Agency have shown that from January to August 2016, the tourist agen Sbobet which visiting Indonesia have reached 7,36 millions. That amounts have increase 8,39 percents if compare to last year.

The tourist who visiting Labuan Bajo is not only from Bali using the flight Garuda Indonesia in Jakarta-Labuan Bajo route which get through Denpasar but there are few tourist have use direct flight from Jakarta-Labuan Bajo with Garuda Indonesia. The direct route from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo is spend about 2 hours.
Gulf Scenery And Comodo Dragon, The New Attractions In Labuan Bajo
The beauty of Labuan Bajo nature with Comodo Dragon National Park is very amazing. As the example, the scenery of three gulf which can be seen from the hill of Padar Island. The President Director PT Garuda Indonesia Arif Wibowo said that scenery in the hill is very amazing. The value of the destination and its potential have made Garuda Indonesia to open a route directly from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo.

Then, how tourist can visit Padar Island, including the other island around it like Kelor Island, Rinca Island and Comodo Dragon Island? Tourist can visit islands with using speed boat with rent about Rp 7,5 millions per day.

The transportation access in the tourism area is one of factor which determine the rank of tourist visit. If the transportation akun Sbobet access are cheaper and easier, there would be more tourist will attracted to visit.

One of think that have been try by government is adding the regular ship to serve the tourist destination. For that, there must be cheap and ease to access Labuan Bajo touris destination. According to Minister of State Owned Company Rini Soemarno, the state owned comany want to contribute directly with give corporate social responsibility or CSR through the build of port, bridge and creative house development.

The regent of West Manggarai Agustinus CH DUla have said that the value of the Labuan Bajo tourism is a Comodo Dragon which is the animal can be found only in Indonesia.

Currently, according to Agustinus, Comodo have become world main attention and Comodo Island and Comodo Island have ever become one of World Wonders. And he hope, Labuan Bajo which currently become top priority destination could still become world attention.

Sunset In Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat

The name of Mansuar Island could be unfamiliar for many traveler. Even though, the island which located in Raja Ampat have very beautiful and amazing sunset scenery. Mansuar Island is one of destination island in Raja Ampat. In this island, there are few diving spot, snorkeling and there is also have hidden natural wonder which is sand signage.

In Mansuar Island there is also located few homestay and resort. One of the most famous is Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. However, the most special in this island is on its natural scenery especially for the moment with sunset. For traveler who want to witness this beautiful sunset scenery, they can need time about an hour from Waisai to arrive this island.
Sunset In Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat
The perfect moment for visiting the Mansuar Island is about 17.00 East Indonesia Time because at 17.30 East Indonesia Time the sun have starting for set. While waiting for the sunset, travelers can sit at coastline. Some travelers have spend the time with sitting on the white sand in Mansuar Island beach.

The sand in Mansuar Island is quite soft like flour. The pile of sands are tender when footed so it is make traveler are safe for walking without slippers. However, travelers should be careful because there sometime found a piece of clamshell which can wound the foot.

Meanwhile with more time to spend, travelers can use the time for setting or prepare their camera and getting the perfect spot for enjoy the beautiful scenery. The sunset scenery in Mansuar Island is very amazing. The sunset could be the ordinary thing for some people but when location in on Raja Ampat is very different. This sunset in Mansuar Island can be the only one experience in lifetime.

4 Fakta Menarik Mengenai Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Pernahkah anda mendengar mengenai Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumi? Gundukan pasir yang terletak di Kabupaten Bantul ini telah menjadi salah satu destinasi favorit warga Yogyakarta. Mengapa tidak, gundukan pasir seperti gumuk pasir ini hanya sedikit jumlahnya di seluruh dunia.

Mayoritas wisatawan mengetahui bahwa Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo unik dan dapat digunakan untuk sandboarding. Akan tetapi, terdapat beberapa fakta unik yang tidak diketahui oleh banyak orang terutama hal yang membedakan Parangkusumo dengan gumuk pasir lainnya.

Gumuk pasir adalah salah satu benteng alam yang dibentuk dari proses yang dipengaruhi oleh arah angin. Dalam proses pembentukannya, angin membawa pasir dalam jumlah besar dan berujung pada penumpukan di titik tertentu.
Jogja Geowisata yang merupakan salah satu operator tur yang mengkhususkan diri pada tempat wisata yang berkaitan dengan fenomena geologis di Yogyakarta. Menurut Jogja Geowisata, Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo merupakan gunung pasir yang termasuk dalam kategori Barchan. Gemuk pasir tipe barchan ini sendiri memiliki ketinggian antara 5 hingga 15 meter.

Parangkusumo sendiri terbentuk dari hasil erupsi Gunung Merapi yang endapannya terbawa oleh sungai-sungai yang bermuara di Pantai Selatan seperti Sungai Progo dan Sungai Opak. “Setelah terendap di pinggir pantai, angin yang berhembus dari Samudra Hindia membawa pasir tersebut dam membentuk tumpukan pasir ini yang menjadi bentang alam yang uni,” jelas perwakilan Jogja Geowisata.

Dengan ketinggian mencapai 15 meter, Parangkusumo sering digunakan untuk lokasi sandboarding.

Berdasarkan dari situs Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park, Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo termasuk kedalam gumuk pasir pesisir atau coastal dunes. Gumuk pasir ini terletak di seluruh garing lintang di dunia mulai dari kutub hingga khatulistiwa.

Di Asia Tenggara sendiri, coastal dune terdapat di paling sedikit 3 negara, yaitu Filipina yaitu La Paz Dunes, Vietnam yaitu Mui Ne Sand Dunes dan Indonesia. Untuk Indonesia sendiri, mayoritas pembentukan berada di selatan pulau Jawa dengan pusat konsentrasi berada di Yogyakarta.

Secara umum, gumuk pasir tipe Barchan ini tediri dari 2 macam tergantung iklim. Pada iklim basah, umumnya akan didapatkan gumum membusut atau hummock dunes dan gumuk parabolik atau parabolic dunes. Pada iklim kering dan setengah kering akan lebih banyak ditemukan gumuk pasir barchan. Salah satu hal unik pada Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo adalah jenis iklimnya yang tropika basah. Para geolog berpendapat bahwa seharusnya gumuk pasir tersebut tidak dapat terbentuk jika mengingat iklim yang tidak sesuai.

Walaupun gumuk pasir tersebar di Indonesia, Vietnam dan Filipina hanya Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo yang dapat menjadi lokasi sandboarding. Dengan hanya uang sebesar Rp 70 ribu, pengunjung dapat menyewa papan luncur sepuasnya. Harga tersebut juga sudah termasuk dengan pemandu yang akan membantu anda cara meluncur dari gundukan pasir ini.