What Is Difference Between Suite And Standard Room In Hotel

Generally, suite room is the type of room which offered the most complete and luxury facility from all the room in one hotel. The differentiate on the price can be categorize very high which made suite room very difference. So, the question are what the different between suite and other hotel rooms?

“Generally the differentiate between suite is the wide of the room, facility and the benefit,” said Director of Communication from Mulia Senayan Hotel at Jakarta, Romy Herlambang. Commonly the suite have wider bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom amenities is also more complete than other room, coffeemaker and facility like living room. This difference have been delivered by Assistant Director of Marketing & Communication Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta, Wike Trisnandhini. The bathroom amenities have including soap and shampoo.

“For certain level there are suite which have executive lounge, the difference and personal check-in and check-out location. The guest for suite room generally are not check-in like general guest, they will waiting in the sofa when serve by our staffs especially for guest who have spend long trip and exhausted,” said Wike.

After Check-in, the guest from the suite will have the wider room. Suite class is the class above the junior suite which have its own and different living room. “Inside the suite there are amenities which come from luxury brands. The bath tub have separate from the shower and the shape is also different. There are semi-circle, there are semi jacuzzi. The guest is also can request for coffeemaker machine if the guest want to make the coffee in the morning by themselves,” said Wike.

When Romy have said that the guests from suite room have also the chance to enjoy their breakfast in different place. “Our suite room guests have different place which we call as express line if their want to have breakfast or eat in the cafe. They are in the top priority,” said Romy.

The other facility is the pick up from and to airport, meeting room facility and butler service is offered to the guests from suite room. With those facility, there are very logic if the price would be more expensive than standard room.

“There difference in price could be about 50 percents till 100 percents even more. As the example in Gran Melia, Jakarta the Deluxe room is only US$ 170 but for the Presidential Suite it could cost more thant US$ 2000,” said Wike.