In Ngurtafur Beach, We Can Walk For 2 KM Into High Seas

Traveler who planing to vising Southeast Maluku should visit Ngurtafur Beach. Beside its beauty scenery, Ngurtafur Beach is also have floating island like at Raja Ampat which lengthwise into high seas.

The phenomenon of floating island can be saw when the sea recede in few area in Indonesia and one of that is locate in Ngurtafur Beach. But not only floating island phenomenon, The Ngurtafur Beach have and floating island which lengthwise for 2 KM into high seas.
In Ngurtafur Beach, We Can Walk For 2 KM Into High Seas
For this uniqueness, there are many traveler who have visit the beach have getting to walk into the sand signage into the end of the floating island. The end of the island would become the sea when the tide is up and it would become great experience because we have looks like standing in the middle of the sea. The Ngurtafur Beach can be categorize as clean beach because as far as our eyes can see, there is only white sand with clear water.

This floating island is not have straight length but have curves like white snake due to the island sand have white color. With its curve, the floating island have become more beautiful. If traveler are lucky they can saw the group of pelicans which have migrate and looking for foods.

The location of Ngurtafur have located in Warbal Island which part of Kei Archipelago in Southeast Maluku. From Jakarta, there is require decent time to reach it. Due to that, Ngurtafur Island could be categorize as anti mainstream destination.

After knowing the uniqueness of the Ngurtafur Beach, how to reach Ngurtafur Beach? For reach this spot, traveler should be flight first to Ambon before continue the trip into Tual and Ngurtafur Beach. From Tual, traveler must spend about 1 to 1,5 hours with boats to reach Ngurtafur Beach.